About the MMA

host of remarkable molecular machines ensure the functioning of all animal and plant life, impacting processes that range from taking a deep breath to reproducing the species to harnessing sunlight by photosynthesis. In order to maintain their physiological activity, biomolecules must adopt well-defined three-dimensional geometries, allowing for binding and release of their functional partners, insertion into cell membranes, and harvesting of energy.These naturally occurring molecular assemblies have also inspired the engineering of biomedical devices used in tissue replacement, diagnosis of vision and heart disorders, drug delivery, and wound healing.

The scientific quest to understand these complex processes at the molecular level is driven by both deep intellectual curiosity and the search for practical enhancements to human health and nutrition.Positioned at the interface of chemistry, biology, physics, and engineering, the goal of the Macromolecular Assemblies Institute (MMA) based at The City College of New York is to build on current research and educational programs throughout the City University of New York (CUNY) to address fundamental and applied questions at the frontier of life sciences research.

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